My name is Ms. Y (at least to my students). I am a brand-new teacher.  I will graduate from college in exactly one month, move out-of-state only ten days later, and then teach summer school in a city to which I have never been.  After that, I begin as a full-fledged middle school math teacher in an urban school.

There are lots and lots of teachers in the world.  All of them have more experience than me, and all of them have something to offer.  But this is a space devoted to a story of growth and learning– mine.  I anticipate learning SO much in the coming year (and throughout my career as an educator), and I want to share the brilliant ideas, trying challenges, and moments of exhilaration as they occur.

So that’s why I’m beginning to write Why Ms. Y.  Feel free to read (or not read), comment, criticize, compliment, offer advice, or just say hi!

~ A. M. Y.


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